Quick Glimpse of the Festival

With this year’s Zora! Festival right around the corner, we thought we’d do a quick overview of what to expect. As most of you probably already know, the Zora! Festival is all about authenticity. The music, the food, the vendors and of course, you the spectators are genuine, wholesome and true. Meaning, expecting locally grown fresh food, and handmade goods, excellent music and some good conversations.

On one hand, we’re excited about Ashford and Simpson. While they may not offer the same academic or political depth of some of the other Festival guests, we’ve loved their music since the days of Marvin and Tammi, and that’s now officially a Long, Long Time. Plus, there’s the always-exciting and diverse sounds at Club KOHA, so there will be sweet music all around.

This years festival will be featuring a special sponsor, Simply Cedar, provider of top quality cedar log furniture, for inside and outside your home. Unlike other log furniture, Simply Cedar boasts all wooden parts- no metal railing or table legs. Just straight up wood. White Cedar is a remarkable natural resource that doesn’t attract bugs, ooze sap or grow mildew, making it great for both indoor and outdoor furniture. This product truly embodies the festivals ‘Authenticity’ catch phrase with Simply Cedar’s renewable practices of growing and harvesting in Ingalls, MI, right here in the USA.

On the other hand, we’re looking forward to the focus on Haiti this year. As you know, it’s been just over a year since the devastating earthquake, and the country is still gripped by political and social chaos.

Our situation at home often seems troubled enough, but it’s nothing compared to the vast number of Haitians who have been homeless for a year.¬†Reconstruction is progressing extremely slowly — some say barely, if at all — and all of the attendant health and infrastructure issues are compounded.

That’s one reason why we’re lifting our spirits, and our brims, at the HATitude Brunch (the spelling may be similar, but this particular event has nothing to do with Haiti). Hats are one of our guilty pleasures, and there never seems to be enough occasions appropriate for our favorite headwear.

Big Town’s Dottie West will be here with her team of extreme makeover girls – this year her focus is on wigs. Many people don’t realize that to get the gorgeous, mind-flippingly head-turning impact of a new wig, it can take some styling. Few women wear the wig directly out of the box. If the image you wish to control is your fashion look, try visiting her recommended shop for Raquel Welch Wigs by elegantwigs.com and other top brands. Most people don’t realize how much of a difference a wig can make to the way you feel about yourself. And if you have lost your hair for whatever reason – chemo, alopecia, etc., you don’t have to hide yourself away – consider a cosmetic solution. Self esteem plays a big role in the quality of life. In addition to Raquel, the store has all the top brands and Dottie will be demonstrating all!

Oh, almost out of room. We’d also like to mention that¬†Lieutenant¬†Governor of Florida Jennifer Carroll will definitely be there (I know there was some uncertainty a while back) as an honoree.

For more detailed and up-to-the-minute information and resources, please visit the official Zora! Festival website.

– Update 2013 –

The festival takes place in Eatonville, FL. & is held the last week of Jan. each year. The event lasts multiple days & has many guests from several different disciplines. The goal of which is to celebrate the life & work of Zora Neale Hurston writer, folklorist, & anthropologist. The celebration is held in Eatonville because it is Zora’s hometown. It is meant to honor the cultural contributions made by the people of African ancestry to America as well as the world.

The 2013 Zora Fest roster features an impressive cast of cultural & humanities programming, art, museum exhibitions, public speakers, panel discussions on hot topics, concerts & workshops. The culmination of which is a 3 day long outdoor festival of the arts which features an international marketplace, children’s programming, a center stage featuring local, national & international acts.

Historic Eatonville is the oldest incorporated African American municipality & in 2013 it just finished a 2 year long celebration of it’s 125th anniversary. Eatonville focusses on concepts of culture, heritage & community. The Association to Preserve the Eatonville Community presented a range of programs including the visual arts, traditional crafts, oral history, film, dance, & of course literature.

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